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Welcome to the Lafe hair styling centre! In this category, you will find everything you need for your hair to look exceptional without having to visit a hairdresser. Our products will dry, clip, curl and straighten every hair type.

Hair Styler LSS001Check
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Health & BeautyHair clipper LAFE STR001HAIR CARE / TRIMMERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Curling Iron 32mm LKC003HAIR CARE / CURLERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Curling Iron Conical 13-25mm LKC004 with gloveHAIR CARE / CURLERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Curling Iron LKC001HAIR CARE / CURLERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Curling Iron LKC002HAIR CARE / CURLERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair straightener PSJ001HAIR CARE / STRAIGHTENERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Straightener with temperature control PSJ002HAIR CARE / STRAIGHTENERSCompare

Health & BeautyHair Styler LSS001HAIR CARE / HOT AIR BRUSHESCompare

Health & BeautyHairdryer LAFE SWJ-001.0HAIR CARE / HAIR DRYERSCompare

Health & BeautyHairdryer LAFE SWJ-001.1HAIR CARE / HAIR DRYERSCompare

Health & BeautyTraveler Hairdryer LAFE SWS-001.1HAIR CARE / HAIR DRYERSCompare

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