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Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG009.2Compare

Kitchen & Dining RoomToaster LAFE TSB003LAFE electric toaster is a device every toast amateur should own. It offers a simple and fast way of making toasts that everyone will love. Easy to use and clean, it is perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. The Lafe toaster is equipped with basic functions and the option of adjusting heating temperature, which allows for toasting of bread to a desired degree. "STOP" function allows you to turn off the toaster at any time. The device is designed to toast two slices of bread at a time. The product is also equipped with a useful crumb tray, so cleaning is very simple. In addition, our device features "Defrost" and "Reheat" functions, which may be activated using buttons on the side panel.
Easy for use / Plastic casing / For two tosts / Auto STOP / Adjustable thermostat / Defrost function
Reheat function / STOP function / Slide-out crumb tray / Power 850W / 220-240V 50Hz

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG012.1 Glass whiteWhiteCompare

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG009.1Compare

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG011.2 1LGreyCompare

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectronic kitchen scale LAFE WKS003An electronic kitchen scale that has a maximal capacity of 5kg and the accuracy of 1 g. It is incredibly useful when one prepares a dish that require very strictly defined proportions of the products. It allows to precisely define the quantity of even really small items. It also answers the needs of those people who wish to verify the magnitude of their meals, for example because of health issues. Thanks to its small size ( 24 x 19 cm ) the kitchen scale is easy to store and to be moved from one place to another. It has an option to choose to turn it off automatically or manually and is equipped with a very legible screen. What is more, this kitchen scale has a possibility of counting water´s and milk´s capacity. This function is very useful when one does not have a measuring cup nearby.Capacity 5 kg Graduation 1 g Large LCD display Real time clock Alarm timer Auto zero ( „TARE” function) Auto-off / manual-offCompare

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG012.1 Glass blackBlackCompare

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG011.1 1LGreenCompare



Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!



Did you know that green tea or Yerba Mate should be steeped at 60-80°C? If you want to prepare the perfect brew, it is necessary to adjust water temperature at which the kettle switches off so you can pour it over tea leaves immediately.



Aren't you tired of hair static when drying them? Use a ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology relies on the release of millions of negative charges (ions), which – by settling on the hair -– neutralize positive charges resulting from the drying process and responsible for hair static.


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