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Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!


Grilling at home

Would you like to prepare a grilled pork chop at home? No problem – just replace your classic heating plate with a grilling plate and prepare your favourite dish quickly and comfortably on the kitchen counter.


Tea brewing in a kettle

How about preparing your tea directly in a kettle, without additional pots and jugs? A kettle equipped with a tea filter makes it possible to brew tea directly in the kettle, without the need to pour it into another container.

Selected products

Kitchen & Dining RoomKettle LAFE CEG005 with heat controlLAFE CEG005 Electric Kettle is a device that should be present in any modern kitchen. With its 1.8 l glass jug, this model allows for the simultaneous preparation of approx. 6-7 cups of beverages. Modern controller with base featuring 360 degree contact controls temperature of the boiling water and protects the kettle from overheating. The controller also acts as a safety feature, automatically switching off the kettle if empty.

The controller is also equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which can be set to one of five levels of water heating: 60, 70, 80, 90 and 100 degrees. The inside of the kettle illuminates based on whether the heater is enabled/disabled and its color varies depending on the current operating mode.

The CEG005 model also features a water level indicator and a water filter, which prevents deposits from forming in the process of boiling. The kettle is very easy to use and very efficient, thanks to its power of 2200W.

Kitchen & Dining RoomBlender LAFE BRK-003A SETThe LAFE Hand Blender BRK-003A is a multifunctional device that will make all kitchen activities easier and more enjoyable. The device is perfect for grinding, mixing, shredding fruit and vegetables, as well as preparing soups, creams, sauces, soups for children, smoothies, etc. The blender set also includes a 700 ml cup, perfect for making sauces or cocktails. Additionally, the set includes a whisk attachment for whisking egg whites and making all kinds of sauces or desserts. The set also includes a chopper with stainless steel knife. The chopper can be used to make pesto, cut onions, herbs and other vegetables. The Lafe Hand Blender is an indispensable helper in the kitchen of every resourceful housewife.

• High power – 800W.
• Ice crushing function.
• 700 ml cup included.
• Stainless steel blade.
• Whisk attachment.
• Separate chopper with stainless steel knife.
• Turbo button.
• Removable blending arm.

Effective, even for hard ingredients
The powerful Lafe Blender motor and durable stainless steel blades can handle the grinding of even very hard products.

Durability for years
The Lafe Blender blades made of high-quality stainless steel ensure perfect blending results for a long time. High power and stainless steel blades guarantee a perfectly smooth consistency.

Perfect peaks every time
Use the whisk attachment to beat the perfect meringue and prepare a fluffy omelette. You can beat perfect peaks in a surprisingly short time.

Ice crushing
The blending arm is equipped with a special knife adapted to crushing ice. It is made of durable stainless steel, which allows you to crush and mix even frozen products.

Two operation modes
The Lafe Blender is equipped with two speed control buttons. The first allows you to use basic speed sufficient for making sauces and blending cooked and soft products. The second button activates the "Turbo" mode, in which the device operates with a maximum power of 800W, which can be used for grinding harder products.

700ml container
Large container supplied with the Lafe Blender allows you to conveniently prepare smoothies, sauces or, for example, pesto.

Grinding without splashing
Thanks to a specially designed cover above the blade, you will avoid annoying splashing, and your kitchen countertop will remain clean.

Convenient shredding
In the included chopper with steel knife you can conveniently chop a large amount of ingredients at a time. It is the perfect helper for slicing onions, fruits, nuts, herbs and other vegetables.

Ease and convenience of use
All elements of the blender are detachable, which makes it easier to clean and store the device.

Ergonomic handle
Ergonomic design and a specially shaped handle provide a secure grip of the device and better control even when operated with wet hands.

Kitchen & Dining RoomKettle LAFE CEG015 with heat controlLafe CEG015 Glass Kettle – a must-have in every kitchen

An electric kettle is a must-have in any modern kitchen. The Lafe Kettle, thanks to its high power, boils water quickly and is indispensable in every household. Modern design, transparent water jug and backlighting distinguish the Lafe Kettle from other appliances available on the market.

• High power – 2200W.
• Jug made of durable glass.
• Micro-mesh filter.
• 360° swivel base.
• Illuminated switch.
• Legible water level indicator.
• Protection against overheating and against dry boil.
• Colourful backlight.
• Temperature regulation in the range of 40-100°C.
• Power – 2200W.
• Large capacity – 1.7L.
• Heating plate.

Temperature control
The kettle is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to choose one of 7 levels of water heating: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 degrees. The illuminated interior of the kettle indicates that the heater is switched on or off, and the illumination colour changes according to the mode of operation.

Pure water without limescale
The kettle is equipped with a micro-mesh filter that catches all particles of limescale and sediment from boiled water. The filter can be easily removed and quickly cleaned under running water. Enjoy clean water and clear, sediment-free tea, always.

Family size
The large capacity of the kettle, 1.7L, allows you to boil approx. 6-7 cups of water at the same time. During family meals or meetings with friends, you no longer have to wait endlessly to serve coffee or tea – during one cycle you will quickly boil water for everyone! The switch is illuminated, making everyday use of the Lafe Kettle even more convenient.

360° swivel base
The 360° swivel base used in the Lafe Kettle is very practical and makes the kettle always stable. The power cord located in the charging base separated from the kettle ensures safety and freedom of use.

Kitchen & Dining RoomCoctail blender LAFE BCP003Lafe BCP003 Blender – Become a chef in your own home
The Lafe Jug Blender is a dream come true for anyone who is passionate about making cocktails, shakes and cream soups at home. This stylish, 2-speed blender by Lafe is very robust and built from high quality materials so that you can enjoy it for many years.

• Ice crushing function.
• 1.5 l jug made of tempered glass.
• 2 speeds and pulse mode.
• Convenient “insert and remove” system.
• 600 W.
• Cover made of BPA-free material.
• Non-slip feet.

Convenience and easy operation
The Lafe BCP003 device is extremely easy to use. The blender is controlled by a large knob that allows you to set one of two speeds or switch to pulse mode for greater precision. The blender base has been equipped with rubber feet, which make the machine very stable. Due to its small dimensions, the Lafe Blender will certainly fit on your kitchen counter.

One device, many functions
The Lafe Blender is equipped with a high-quality knife with six blades, which makes it very versatile – allows mixing, grinding, blending. Do you fancy a shake or a cocktail? This device will instantly prepare your favourite drink. Additionally, the knife has a special ice blade, which in combination with durable glass jug and high power, allows you to crush even frozen fruit.

Intelligent systems
The “insert and remove” system used in the blender is very easy to use and does not require additional movements, such as twisting or blocking the jug, which often causes mechanical damage to the housing. This way the device will serve you in the kitchen for many years. Additionally, the Lafe BCP003 Blender is equipped with a modern protection system against switching on the machine without the jug. It's all to make working with it not only pleasant but also safe.

Power and efficiency
600 W motor allows you to process even harder vegetables and fruits quickly and efficiently. With the Lafe BCP003 Blender you can do everything you want – cream soups, sauces with a perfectly smooth texture, shakes or cocktails – in a blink of an eye.

High quality jug
Transparent jug with lid made of high quality tempered glass is resistant to high temperatures. The jug allows you to prepare up to 1.5 litres of cocktail at the same time. Both jug and lid are removable and easy to clean by hand or in dishwasher.

Kitchen & Dining RoomMultifunction Hand Blender LAFE BZL001Power: 1000 W / Strong hand blender / Replaceable Tips / Blending tip / whisk / masher maker /Two buttons for two level of speeds: standard / Turbo / Food processor with 1 L container / graters for fruits and vegetables / Chopper 500 ml / Beaker 700 ml / Power suply : 220-240V / 50-60HzCompare


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