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 Microdermabrasion device LAFE TWA001Lafe TWA001 microdermabrasion device – your clean skin solution

Discover the pleasure of having a professional microdermabrasion treatment in the comfort of your home. Exchangeable tips will allow you to quickly and easily remove keratinized skin cells from your face. See for yourself the benefits of regular, deep cleaning and exfoliation of the epidermis.

• 5 exchangeable tips.
• 3 intensity modes.
• Exfoliates the epidermis and cleans pores.
• Vacuum-based treatment.
• Wireless operation.
• Battery: 300 mAh.
• Working time: 2 hours.
• Charging time: 2 hours.

Microdermabrasion is a skin cleansing treatment intended for skin with imperfections such as enlarged pores, blackheads, acne scars, or small discolorations. It is a very efficient method for mechanical exfoliation of the keratinized layer of the epidermis. When used regularly, the treatment makes skin more elastic.

Visible effects
The microdermabrasion device generates vacuum suction which allows it to quickly remove sebum, dirt, dust, and dead skin cells, as well as traces of make-up from the external layer of skin and pores.

Exchangeable tips
The microdermabrasion kit includes exchangeable tips allowing you to clean your face even more thoroughly.

The small, round tip removes blackheads on low suction.

The medium-sized, round tip removes blackheads and acne – it will work perfectly with the medium suction setting.

The big, round tip is recommended when using high suction – it helps remove blackheads and makes skin smooth and firm.

If you use the microcrystalline tip, you will remove dead skin cells, whereas the oval tip will be perfect for removing small wrinkles.

To make treatment more efficient, run the device over your face in continuous motions.

Preparation for treatment
Before the treatment, it is recommended to moisten your face with warm water or vapor, or perform the treatment shortly after taking a bath or a hot shower. Warm water/vapor will open your pores and facilitate cleaning, which will make your skin look better and smoother.

Kitchen & Dining RoomWaffle Maker GFB-002Lafe GFB-002 Waffle Iron – Delicious and crunchy waffles in your home

You love waffles, but you can't afford daily visits at the cake shop? Or maybe waffles remind you of holidays at the seaside? Thanks to the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can bring back holiday memories at any time. Enjoy a golden and crispy waffle in your own home whenever you want. With the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can quickly prepare delicious waffles for breakfast, your child's birthday or a meeting with friends. Small dimensions of the device make it fit on any kitchen counter.

• Non-heating handle.
• Non-stick coating.
• High power – 1400 W.
• LEDs indicating ready status.

Always perfectly baked
The secret to perfect waffles lies in a good waffle iron. The Lafe Waffle Iron is equipped with a powerful 1400 W heater ensuring that homemade waffles are evenly browned. The heat-resistant handle protects against burns.

Extremely simple operation
The Lafe Waffle Iron is very easy to use. Two control LEDs indicate the status of the device: red indicates that the device is connected to the power outlet and is heating up, while the green indicator light indicates that you can now pour the dough for your favourite waffles. The device lets you bake four waffles at once.

 Cavitation peeling LAFE TWA002Lafe TWA002 cavitation peeling device

Professional face cleaning in the privacy of your home? Now it is possible thanks to the LAFE TWA002 cavitation peeling device.

Cavitation peeling is a modern, professional method of painless, deep skin cleaning. All contaminants and dead cells are safely removed by the device. During the cavitation peeling treatment, ultrasound waves are generated; when directed to moist skin, they cause cavitation and, consequently, break down keratinized cells of the epidermis. Now you can perform professional skin cleansing treatments at home!

• 3 operating modes: cleansing, moisturizing, lifting.
• Efficiency and effectiveness.
• Generates 24,000 oscillations per second.
• Wireless operation.
• Battery: 600 mAh.
• Ultrasound waves.
• Working time: 2 hours.
• Charging time: 2 hours.

Operating modes:

The "Cleansing" mode – recommended for use in the first phase of cleaning. If you use this mode, you’ll easily remove contaminants from your skin and prepare it for further treatment. During this stage, moisten your skin with a wet cotton pad every few seconds.

The "Moisturizing" mode – it is intended to help moisturizing products penetrate thoroughly into the skin, making the treatment and effects of the product more efficient than when applied traditionally, i.e. by massaging or tapping it into the skin.

The "Lifting" mode – using ultrasound waves, it stimulates the skin to regenerate, improving its firmness and elasticity. In combination with appropriate cosmetics, it also has excellent anti-wrinkle effects.

Effects of regular use of the device:
• deeply cleansed skin.
• even skin tone.
• improvement of quality of the skin.
• smoothens small wrinkles.

Health & BeautyElectrostimulator 12 electrode LAFE EMS002LAFE EMS002 12 Point Electric Muscle Stimulator

Do you want to sculpt and strengthen your muscles in a safe way, without the use of heavy equipment? Working on your silhouette while watching TV on a couch seems impossible? The LAFE Electric Muscle Stimulator is an innovative device that will support your training, firm the body, and enable muscle relaxation and regeneration, as well as contribute to the improvement of blood circulation and skin condition. With LAFE, you can build muscle tissue in any situation.

• EMS electric muscle stimulation.
• 3 pads: 1 large (abs), 2 small (arms or legs).
• 6 modes.
• Duration of a single training session: 12 minutes.
• 10 intensity levels.
• Material: PU + ABS.
• Battery powered: 2 AAA batteries for each panel.

“Electric” training
Electric muscle stimulation (EMS) is most used in rehabilitation and physiotherapy, but it can also be used to train a selected muscle group. The muscle stimulator sends electrical impulses to the body, causing the muscles to contract. When the muscles contract, they use energy and burn fatty tissue at the same time. Thanks to this, we can reduce the circumferences of selected body parts and sculpt a specific group of muscles. Electric stimulation with less impulse power can also be used during warm-up or to relax muscles during periods of overtraining or injuries.

Tailored to your needs
The LAFE Electric Muscle Stimulator has various setting modes, so you can adjust its operation to your needs. The larger pad is designed for training the abdominal muscles, and the two smaller ones – for your arms and legs. You can choose between 6 modes and 10 intensity levels which allow you to freely set the strength of the impulses to achieve the desired effect – intense muscle work, slow recovery or a relaxing massage. Each of the programs lasts 12 minutes, and the device is set to automatically turn off at the end of each session. You can use the device both during physical activity (training, walking the dog, running, cleaning) and during rest (reading a book, watching TV). The Lafe Electric Muscle Stimulator is a perfect supplementary tool to help you achieve a beautifully sculpted figure faster. It’s a good addition to a proper diet and regular training.

Simple to use
The LAFE device is affordable to use and powered by several AAA batteries, so you can exercise anywhere you want. It is made of a combination of two durable, damage-resistant materials – ABS and polyurethane – which guarantees that it will serve you for many years. The muscle stimulator is safe and comfortable to use – the pads are attached to the skin with safe gel film, which ensure good adhesion, and at the same time allow for trouble-free removal of the electrodes.

Kitchen & Dining RoomSandwich toaster LAFE TSZ-008LAFE TSZ-008 sandwich maker is a simple and reliable device. 800W power is sufficient for quick preparation of popular "hot sandwiches". Two indicator lights show device status: Red tells us that the device is connected to power and is warming up, and green communicates that it achieved proper temperature. The plates are coated with a non-stick surface, which greatly facilitates preparing toast.Compare



Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!



Did you know that green tea or Yerba Mate should be steeped at 60-80°C? If you want to prepare the perfect brew, it is necessary to adjust water temperature at which the kettle switches off so you can pour it over tea leaves immediately.



Aren't you tired of hair static when drying them? Use a ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology relies on the release of millions of negative charges (ions), which – by settling on the hair -– neutralize positive charges resulting from the drying process and responsible for hair static.


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