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Health & BeautyNeck massager LAFE smart Bluetooth EMS001LAFE Smart Bluetooth EMS001 Neck Massager

Long hours of work at the computer, watching TV, driving a car… All these activities contribute to muscle pain and degeneration of cervical vertebrae. Fatigue and pain in the neck and the nape are common symptoms experienced by people who spend most of their time sitting. Stress also causes tension in the neck and nape muscles, making the pain worse. All this can be an obstacle in the performance of your daily activities, weaken concentration and negatively affect your well-being. The LAFE Neck Massager comes in handy, allowing you to get rid of the pain and the feeling of muscle stiffness.

• TENS electric muscle stimulation.
• Built-in Bluetooth module.
• Remote control via app.
• 3 heating modes.
• 18-level massage intensity regulation.
• Powerful 800mAh battery.
• Material: ABS and stainless steel.

Get rid of the pain
TENS electric muscle stimulation is a unique, non-invasive method of pain relief that involves stimulating the nerves through the skin. Low-frequency electrical impulses from the device reach the peripheral nerves, which in turn carry an electrical signal to the spinal cord and initiate the formation of beta-endorphins, natural substances that induce analgesia. The application of low-frequency (1-20 Hz), but high intensity current, rhythmically stimulates tense muscles and nerves, relaxing the neck and reducing chronic pain. TENS therapy is a safe method of treating pain because the electrical impulses only stimulate the sensory nerves on the surface of the skin.

Tailored to you needs
The LAFE Massager allows you to comfortably adjust it to your needs. The device has various setting modes, so you can adjust its operation to the type and intensity of your pain. You can choose from 3 heating modes, 6 pulse modes and 18 massage intensity levels. This way you get a device that will help you get rid of the pain that makes it difficult to concentrate at work, as well as allow you to relax tense muscles and relax. The duration of the massage is also adjustable – you can set the massager operation in the range from 0 to 15 minutes. Additionally, the device is configured to turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Take it with you on every trip
The LAFE Massager is a small device with exceptionally aesthetic appearance. Its casing is made of durable ABS plastic, and its magnetic mirror plates are made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to everyday use. The undoubted advantage of the device is wireless operation, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The massager is equipped with a 800mAh battery, which will give you 150 minutes of uninterrupted work, without the need to recharge it. Built-in Bluetooth module allows you to operate the device through an app that you can easily install on your smartphone. The app is very intuitive to use and allows you to conveniently manage the massager settings.

Kitchen & Dining RoomKettle LAFE CEG015 with heat controlLafe CEG015 Glass Kettle – a must-have in every kitchen

An electric kettle is a must-have in any modern kitchen. The Lafe Kettle, thanks to its high power, boils water quickly and is indispensable in every household. Modern design, transparent water jug and backlighting distinguish the Lafe Kettle from other appliances available on the market.

• High power – 2200W.
• Jug made of durable glass.
• Micro-mesh filter.
• 360° swivel base.
• Illuminated switch.
• Legible water level indicator.
• Protection against overheating and against dry boil.
• Colourful backlight.
• Temperature regulation in the range of 40-100°C.
• Power – 2200W.
• Large capacity – 1.7L.
• Heating plate.

Temperature control
The kettle is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to choose one of 7 levels of water heating: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 degrees. The illuminated interior of the kettle indicates that the heater is switched on or off, and the illumination colour changes according to the mode of operation.

Pure water without limescale
The kettle is equipped with a micro-mesh filter that catches all particles of limescale and sediment from boiled water. The filter can be easily removed and quickly cleaned under running water. Enjoy clean water and clear, sediment-free tea, always.

Family size
The large capacity of the kettle, 1.7L, allows you to boil approx. 6-7 cups of water at the same time. During family meals or meetings with friends, you no longer have to wait endlessly to serve coffee or tea – during one cycle you will quickly boil water for everyone! The switch is illuminated, making everyday use of the Lafe Kettle even more convenient.

360° swivel base
The 360° swivel base used in the Lafe Kettle is very practical and makes the kettle always stable. The power cord located in the charging base separated from the kettle ensures safety and freedom of use.

Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric grill LAFE GKO-002A contact grill is one of the appliances necessary in any kitchen. This multifunctional device is used for browning meat, vegetables or bread on both sides. With its help you can quickly and easily prepare a juicy steak or a delicate chicken fillet. LAFE Contact Grill will allow you to enjoy delicious, healthy dishes, and thanks to its simple design and ergonomic shape, using and cleaning the device will not cause you any problem.

• Non-stick coating.
• Heat-resistant handle.
• Adjustable thermostat.
• Power: 2000W.
• Two indicator lights.
• Plate opening angle: 180 degrees.
• Grease tray included.

Delicious and healthy
LAFE Contact Grill is an appliance with a power of 2000W, which will allow you to prepare both juicy meat, as well as panini sandwiches or delicate vegetables. The adjustable thermostat allows you to set the optimal temperature for each dish. Both grill plates have a special non-stick coating, which greatly minimizes burning of grilled food. The work surfaces are equipped with special ridges that give the prepared products a characteristic browning pattern, similar to that visible on barbecued food. They also provide air circulation and ensure that the grilled food retains its aroma and flavour.

Safety and convenience
LAFE Grill has a housing made of stainless steel, which makes it durable, resistant to grease and easy to keep clean. The work surface evenly transfers heat energy to the food. The use of a special lock allows you to adjust the inclination of the upper plate and set it at the desired height – this feature is especially important when treating delicate products that can be easily crushed. An additional useful function is the possibility to open the grill at an angle of 180 degrees. Thanks to this, you will get two parallel work surfaces on which you can prepare twice as much food!

Light indicators
LAFE Contact Grill is equipped with two indicator lights that allow you to control the operation of the appliance – the red light indicates that it is connected to the power supply, and the green one means that the heating process is in progress. Thanks to the heat-resistant handle, the operation of the appliance is safe for every user. The included grease tray means that the preparation of your favourite dishes will not require cumbersome cleaning of your kitchen worktop.



Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!



Did you know that green tea or Yerba Mate should be steeped at 60-80°C? If you want to prepare the perfect brew, it is necessary to adjust water temperature at which the kettle switches off so you can pour it over tea leaves immediately.



Aren't you tired of hair static when drying them? Use a ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology relies on the release of millions of negative charges (ions), which – by settling on the hair -– neutralize positive charges resulting from the drying process and responsible for hair static.


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