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Kitchen & Dining RoomElectric kettle LAFE CEG002.2LAFE CEG002.1 Electric Kettle is a device that should be present in any modern kitchen. With a capacity of 1.7 l, it allows you to prepare about 6-7 cups of any given beverage at the same time. Modern controller with base featuring 360 degree contact controls temperature of the boiling water and protects the kettle against overheating. The controller is also equipped with a safety feature, which automatically switches off the kettle, if turned on without water, and protects it against overheating by boiling several times in a row. The illuminated inside of the kettle indicates whether it is turned on or off. It is equipped with a water level indicator which makes it easier to use. It also features a water filter to prevent deposits from forming in the process of boiling. The kettle is very easy to use and very efficient, thanks to its power of 2200W. Available in black.Compare

Kitchen & Dining RoomKettle LAFE CEG015 with heat controlLafe CEG015 Glass Kettle – a must-have in every kitchen

An electric kettle is a must-have in any modern kitchen. The Lafe Kettle, thanks to its high power, boils water quickly and is indispensable in every household. Modern design, transparent water jug and backlighting distinguish the Lafe Kettle from other appliances available on the market.

• High power – 2200W.
• Jug made of durable glass.
• Micro-mesh filter.
• 360° swivel base.
• Illuminated switch.
• Legible water level indicator.
• Protection against overheating and against dry boil.
• Colourful backlight.
• Temperature regulation in the range of 40-100°C.
• Power – 2200W.
• Large capacity – 1.7L.
• Heating plate.

Temperature control
The kettle is equipped with an adjustable thermostat, which allows you to choose one of 7 levels of water heating: 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 or 100 degrees. The illuminated interior of the kettle indicates that the heater is switched on or off, and the illumination colour changes according to the mode of operation.

Pure water without limescale
The kettle is equipped with a micro-mesh filter that catches all particles of limescale and sediment from boiled water. The filter can be easily removed and quickly cleaned under running water. Enjoy clean water and clear, sediment-free tea, always.

Family size
The large capacity of the kettle, 1.7L, allows you to boil approx. 6-7 cups of water at the same time. During family meals or meetings with friends, you no longer have to wait endlessly to serve coffee or tea – during one cycle you will quickly boil water for everyone! The switch is illuminated, making everyday use of the Lafe Kettle even more convenient.

360° swivel base
The 360° swivel base used in the Lafe Kettle is very practical and makes the kettle always stable. The power cord located in the charging base separated from the kettle ensures safety and freedom of use.

Health & BeautyNail drill 25000RPM LAFE FRE002Nail Drill is a multifunctional device for manicure and pedicure. With its help, you can shorten the nails of the hands and give them the desired shape, prepare the plate for the application of decorations, as well as take care of your feet and even remove callous epidermis. The LAFE FRE001 Nail Drill will give your hands and feet a perfect, well-groomed look in the comfort of your home, without the need to visit a beauty salon.
• Quiet and smooth operation.
• Manual control.
• 25,000 rpm
• Power 10W.
• Stand included.

Efficiency and quick effect
The LAFE Nail Drill allows you to take care of your hands and feet in a quick and easy way. The device reaches a speed of 25,000 rpm, which makes it great for both removing varnish residues from the nail plate and for podiatry treatments. With a power of 30W, the nail drill works perfectly in home rituals, and the performance of a manicure or pedicure is no longer a tedious, tiring activity. The operation of the device is quiet and smooth – the care of your hands and feet will no longer result in irritation and headache.

Several bits types
In the set with the nail drill you will get 5 bits and 6 sanding bands of different grain. Choosing a bit for a specific activity is very important, because using the wrong tool may result in nail damage, injury or low effectiveness. The sanding bands come, among others, in the form of a cylinder and a cone, thanks to which you will not only shorten the nails and give them a desired shape, but also mattify the plate, remove the cuticles or the remains of gel or acrylic products.

Comfortable operation
The operation of LAFE Nail Drill is extremely simple and comfortable. In the set, in addition to the head, you will also find a stand that allows you to safely put the device away during a break from work and a head holder that can be mounted both on the left and on the right side of the device. Thanks to the forward/reverse mode, you can change the direction of rotation of the device, which will allow you to shape the nail plate with even more precision.



Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!



Did you know that green tea or Yerba Mate should be steeped at 60-80°C? If you want to prepare the perfect brew, it is necessary to adjust water temperature at which the kettle switches off so you can pour it over tea leaves immediately.



Aren't you tired of hair static when drying them? Use a ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology relies on the release of millions of negative charges (ions), which – by settling on the hair -– neutralize positive charges resulting from the drying process and responsible for hair static.


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