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Kitchen & Dining RoomSandwich toaster LAFE TSZ-008LAFE TSZ-008 sandwich maker is a simple and reliable device. 800W power is sufficient for quick preparation of popular "hot sandwiches". Two indicator lights show device status: Red tells us that the device is connected to power and is warming up, and green communicates that it achieved proper temperature. The plates are coated with a non-stick surface, which greatly facilitates preparing toast.Compare

Health & BeautyNeck massager LAFE smart Bluetooth EMS001LAFE Smart Bluetooth EMS001 Neck Massager

Long hours of work at the computer, watching TV, driving a car… All these activities contribute to muscle pain and degeneration of cervical vertebrae. Fatigue and pain in the neck and the nape are common symptoms experienced by people who spend most of their time sitting. Stress also causes tension in the neck and nape muscles, making the pain worse. All this can be an obstacle in the performance of your daily activities, weaken concentration and negatively affect your well-being. The LAFE Neck Massager comes in handy, allowing you to get rid of the pain and the feeling of muscle stiffness.

• TENS electric muscle stimulation.
• Built-in Bluetooth module.
• Remote control via app.
• 3 heating modes.
• 18-level massage intensity regulation.
• Powerful 800mAh battery.
• Material: ABS and stainless steel.

Get rid of the pain
TENS electric muscle stimulation is a unique, non-invasive method of pain relief that involves stimulating the nerves through the skin. Low-frequency electrical impulses from the device reach the peripheral nerves, which in turn carry an electrical signal to the spinal cord and initiate the formation of beta-endorphins, natural substances that induce analgesia. The application of low-frequency (1-20 Hz), but high intensity current, rhythmically stimulates tense muscles and nerves, relaxing the neck and reducing chronic pain. TENS therapy is a safe method of treating pain because the electrical impulses only stimulate the sensory nerves on the surface of the skin.

Tailored to you needs
The LAFE Massager allows you to comfortably adjust it to your needs. The device has various setting modes, so you can adjust its operation to the type and intensity of your pain. You can choose from 3 heating modes, 6 pulse modes and 18 massage intensity levels. This way you get a device that will help you get rid of the pain that makes it difficult to concentrate at work, as well as allow you to relax tense muscles and relax. The duration of the massage is also adjustable – you can set the massager operation in the range from 0 to 15 minutes. Additionally, the device is configured to turn off automatically after 15 minutes.

Take it with you on every trip
The LAFE Massager is a small device with exceptionally aesthetic appearance. Its casing is made of durable ABS plastic, and its magnetic mirror plates are made of stainless steel, which makes it resistant to everyday use. The undoubted advantage of the device is wireless operation, so you can take it with you wherever you go. The massager is equipped with a 800mAh battery, which will give you 150 minutes of uninterrupted work, without the need to recharge it. Built-in Bluetooth module allows you to operate the device through an app that you can easily install on your smartphone. The app is very intuitive to use and allows you to conveniently manage the massager settings.

Kitchen & Dining RoomWaffle Maker GFB-003 1400WLafe GFB-003 Waffle Iron – Delicious and crunchy waffles in your home

You love waffles, but you can't afford daily visits at the cake shop? Or maybe waffles remind you of holidays at the seaside? Thanks to the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can bring back holiday memories at any time. Enjoy a golden and crispy waffle in your own home whenever you want. With the Lafe Waffle Iron, you can quickly prepare delicious waffles for breakfast, your child's birthday or a meeting with friends. Small dimensions of the device make it fit on any kitchen counter.

• Non-heating handle.
• Non-stick coating.
• High power – 1400 W.
• LEDs indicating ready status.

Always perfectly baked
The secret to perfect waffles lies in a good waffle iron. The Lafe Waffle Iron is equipped with a powerful 1400 W heater ensuring that homemade waffles are evenly browned. The heat-resistant handle protects against burns.

Extremely simple operation
The Lafe Waffle Iron is very easy to use. Two control LEDs indicate the status of the device: red indicates that the device is connected to the power outlet and is heating up, while the green indicator light indicates that you can now pour the dough for your favourite waffles. The device lets you bake four waffles at once.



Planning to make some mojito or a refreshing cocktail with crushed ice? No more ice crushing on the countertop with whatever tool you have at hand! Dedicated blade will allow you to safely and efficiently prepare a cocktail with crushed ice directly in the blender!



Did you know that green tea or Yerba Mate should be steeped at 60-80°C? If you want to prepare the perfect brew, it is necessary to adjust water temperature at which the kettle switches off so you can pour it over tea leaves immediately.



Aren't you tired of hair static when drying them? Use a ionic hair dryer. Ionic technology relies on the release of millions of negative charges (ions), which – by settling on the hair -– neutralize positive charges resulting from the drying process and responsible for hair static.


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