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Electric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1LElectric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1LElectric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1LElectric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1L

360° base<
Product code: LAFCZA46951Electric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1L



KUP: Electric kettle LAFE CEG011.3 1L
360° baseComfortable, round, rotating kettle base
Technical data
Water filter:Yes
Power base 360°:Yes
Capacity (litres):1
Power supply (V):220-240 / 50 Hz
Body made of:Plastic
Temperature regulation:No
Inner light:No
Series:Kitchen and dining room
Automatic turn-off switch:yes
Water level indicator:Yes
Kind of heating element:Steel Plate
Power max (W):1100
BPA Free:Yes
Mass carton quantity:12

360° baseIsn't it annoying to have to fit your kettle properly on the pivoting base every time? Using the Lafe product with a 360° base, you do not have to worry about it anymore – you can place the kettle at any angle and turn it around during operation.

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